Selling on Shpock.

Do you like carboot sales? Imagine not having to wake up early on a Sunday morning, and having to head out to a (most of the time) rainy, cold fields. Whether you sell or buy, it can be a little bit off-putting to make so much effort. Well as most probably know Shpock is one of the ‘online boot sales’ apps. The reasons why I use it regularly is because it has no service fees and you can choose the payment options. It shows the most local deals near you  so it’s very convenient  if you would like to  collect in person and avoid shipping costs.

Shpock is also very affordable! Almost just as a standard carboot sales, and you can find absolutely anything on here. There’s an option of making offers on each item (bidding) which can save you a bit of money. I have bought a lot of things through this app which I will show in a separate post. Now I would like to show you some of my items which are up for sale and if interested, I’ll put a link to my account at the end 🙂

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Hydrating Face Mist £5.00

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Organic Face Cream £6.00

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Ciaté nail polish £3.00

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Fake Bake Gradual Tan (Never Used) £6.00

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Boots £5.00

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Block heel Boots £9.50

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Yellow blazer £5.00

For more details and more items visit:

Thank you and have a lovely evening!


ESSIE Nail Polishes-Yay or Nay?

Good afternoon! I’m 28 weeks pregnant today! Feeling extremely blessed and happy although so far, today has been very tiring. Not only I’ve had an early-morning shift working in retail on a Black Friday! Then I also headed to hospital where I’ve waited for hours to get my blood tests done and the tiny little heart monitored. Oh my poor, swollen feet 😦


ESSIE! I don’t have time to re-apply you twice a day, and you cost too much to do so!

Essie has manyyy differrent collections to offer, and their colour range is one of the best I came across! Giving my opinion below, I can only speak for the specific products I’ve used so far.

Average price of single Essie nail polish varies between £7.99-£9.99 unless your name is SMARTyna and you shop in TK Maxx for £3.99 😁👌


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£3.99  Sorrento Yourself 477 (Nail Colour Resort Collection)

Beautiful, browny nude with a ‘salmon’ undertone. One of my favourite colours. Looks neat, elegant, tidy and most of all perfect for autumn and winter.

I’ve used two coats of this product and it has given me a full-coverage. The brush is long and thin but wide, therefore whole surface of the nail is covered within 2 swipes. Nails are dry after 1 minute (no exaggeration!). It has a very intense smell but that’s nothing unusual.


Essie Good To Go Topcoat £3.99 TK Maxx

Applied on top of ‘sorrento yourself’ and on top of Maybelline polish (glitter visible on tips of my nails). This product is also very fast drying, but smells even stronger than the one above. Gives amazing gel-looking shine and what makes it stand out is the way it feels to the touch; very glossy and smooth.

Overall seem like amazing products, especially for £3.99. Well they are… for a very short time.


This is a day after painting my nails. I haven’t washed any dishes, nor didn’t do much physical work (I’m still a good wifey though!). So this to me is very poor quality. There are many cheaper options out there which won’t chip off for at least 3-5 days. Essie I’m dissapointed. I still love your colours ❤

Whats your experience with this brand? Maybe I’ve bought some badly formulated products? I hope so.

Have a nice day!


Small Home Decor

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Hello everyone, hope you’re all enjoying this strange time of the year between Christmas and New Year’s, when it’s hard to tell what day of the week it is and it just feels like lazy Sunday everyday. I’m here today after about 2 years of break, with quiet a few plans regarding my blog. The main one is not to abandon it again! haha

Today I wanted to show a few bits and bobs I recommend to make your room a bit more cosy especially if you’re on a budget, you’re a student and would like to add few accents to your room to make it more home, or you just love to grab a good bargain like me!

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Wooden Tray from Garden Centre, designed for the flower pots. Works great as a bedside table £4.00


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Vintage, wooden crate. Great deco and storage solution. I keep my fragrances in there; perfumes, mists, deodorants etc. £10.00 from WILKO
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White fairy lights, in a glass jar. Gives the magical and delicate effect for the entire room. Not sure where it’s from but you can get the battery operated lights in Pound Land ! and place them in any glass jar/vase. Smell wise? I always like to have some sort of Yankee product as it’s very presentable and smells delicious 🙂
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White Plaited Basket £3.00 from Tiger. Some lacy fabric around it and big polka dots…… Ta-dah!!

That is it for today, I know it’s not much but I’ve taken these photos with my phone camera therefore only a few turned out okay.

Thank you for stopping by, hope this gave you some ideas and I’ll see you next time !



Hey guys. So I finally got round to posting my little haul. I took the photos two weeks ago, then got a little bit lazy and waited for them to go on my blog itself. NOPE. That is not going to happen…

Before we’ll move on I just want to tell you that YES I am aware  the photo above is a bit of a fail as I have tried to make it look as good as other bloggers do, you know with the white circle around and stuff. It did not work but I had to start  somewhere right? haha and at the end of the day I’ve made my own version of it. We should all do that!


I don’t know about you but I am so in love with the fluffy jumpers lately. Believe it or not they have them in primark for only £6! What a bargain! To my surprise they are not itchy at all and this would be my main problem.However they do stretch out after a few wears.



Cropped fluffy jumper – H&M  £29.99

Leather looking leggings – PRIMARK £6

Gold necklace – PRIMARK £4


Basic vest top – PRIMARK £3   You can never have enough of these!



Wedges – PRIMARK £15

I know it’s such an awful picture but still wanted to share these babes with you.


Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so happy to see people following or commenting on my blog. Means a lot!

Bye! ♥♥♥


ImageI was nominated by  Thank You !

Questions :

1.What’s the one thing you hate the most ?

-Bullying …  and Intolerant people !

2.Favourite beauty product?

MASCARA  Max factor-masterpiecemax ! Hell yeah ♥

3.Proudest Achievement ?

Okay so this is going to sound lame but  my proudest achievement was when I changed who I was / my style of living. Besides I’m proud of every little achievement in every single day of my life so it’s hard to name one.

4.What’s your favourite joke ?

Only just found this :  20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs.Now we have no cash,no hope and no jobs. Please don’t let Kevin Bacon die!

5.Favourite alcoholic beverage ?

Jack Daniels and coca-cola ( Only if you’re 18 guys! haha)

6.Dream Holiday ?

Iceland and Barbados ( and just all over the world ! )

7. Last film you watched ?

The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

8.Favourite smell ?

Anything to do with Coco !

9.Dream job ?

Have my own dance school / Anything to do with dogs / Makeup artist

10.Last thing you ate ?


11.Would you skydive for £1000000?

Who wouldn’t ?! But on the other hand I’d probably die from heart attack , so wouldn’t be able to make much use out of that money haha

So, the rules you need to follow if you’ve been nominated:

  1. Mention the person who nominated you (link & name)
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers with 200 or less followers
  3. create 11 new questions for them to answer

I nominate :






My questions for you !!!:

1. Mascara or foundation ?

2. Would you walk up to a stranger and ask for their number?

3. Facebook or Instagram ?

4.What are your future goals regarding your blog?

5. Do you think you’re addicted to your phone? (Now that you’ve admitted ,will you make any changes?)

6. (If you do workout) How do you keep yourself motivated ?

7.What advice would you give to teenagers bullying others ?

8. Swimming pool or sea ?

9. Movie you would like to watch with your love on Valentine’s day ?

10. What would you like to do on Valentine’s day ? Whether you’re single or in relationship.

11.  What’s your favourite clothing website ?




Hey everyone 🙂

Just got round to do a bit of editing this evening therefore here’s a short post for you.

Valentine’s eye make up which will probably be a good alternative for those who don’t usually go too loud with their eye shadows as it is a pretty gentle make-up comparing to some more of my other looks which are actually coming soon




Martyna ♥


Buongiorno !

Long time no see! Today I’m here with a very, very and I mean it, very short haul.

I decided to order something online , and found a website recommended by a lot of bloggers.

I’m not going to go any further into this topic as it’s pretty much irrelevant. Just quickly want to add why I only ordered 2 items. Well simply because I just wanted to check how the service is functioning as well as the quality of their goods etc.




Jumper – £11.74 (one size)


Coat – £26.91 (one size)


Outfits coming soon !

Thank You for the few comments I recently got from you, means a lot!

Martyna ♥


Welcome to my very first OOTD ! Photos taken by my phone but I still hope you’ll enjoy 🙂




(Skirt & tights – PRIMARK)



(Necklace & Top – PRIMARK )



(Boots -TKmaxx)



(messenger, shoulder bag – ASOS )



(Jacket – PRIMARK )

and you’re good to go !  Thank You for checking this out : )



You open your eyes, what do you see ? Your clean or dirty bedroom? Maybe no bedroom at all? Rain or sun outside the window? Beautifully painted or plain white walls ? Well guess what ?! All of the above doesn’t matter! What matters is how you feel about yourself the moment  you open your eyes every morning. If you feel self-acceptance.If you feel you will make this day another fabulous part of your life.If you going to complete the little goals you set yourself last night. If you love and believe in yourself! I mean why moan about the rain and all the little things that are not even that bad if you just let a bit of optimism through your door. The moral is that we all have a limited time on this beautiful place (which in a way is being ruined anyway) , and I know it sounds harsh but that is the truth , so lets not be cowards and waste life not being happy either because of the small little things that everyone’s unhappy about or even bigger issues we all sometimes have to face.

I dear you to go school/college/work/ wherever and rather than standing in front of a mirror saying how ugly you look today say how pretty you are! How every little part of you is so beautiful and unique! I dear you and I dear myself !!!

Have an amazing day ♥



(from the left : 910 Shocking coral | 902 Fuchsia flash |906 Hot plum )

Well here we are again  after a very productive day. I hope yours was too 🙂 Just a quick post today as I have an early appointment at hospital to attend tomorrow.  Lets get right into it shall we?


  • Amazing variations of colors to choose from.
  • Highly pigmented , therefore no need to apply too much, what makes the product very efficient.
  • Creamy consistency , does not dries out your lips.
  • Lasts for wayyyy over 2hrs  without having to re-apply.

For the record  You wouldn’t see me with a lipstick on too often. YES I do love lipsticks, Only thing that stops me from wearing it is the shape of my lips , which I know can be optically changed using a lip liner however I’m not good enough at it  to constantly wear lipsticks. I’ve worn these babes a few times anyway , and did not use any lip liner. I used Carmex or any lip balm will do, about 5mins before applying the lipstick , just to give my lips that extra moisture and also for it  to act as a base so the product stays in one place. Make sure there’s no dry skins on your lips , give it a good scrub because although they are creamy and moisturizing they’d still bring out dry skin.

Overall I would recommend it to You.In my opinion it is a good option if you’re on a budget and can’t treat yourself with a MAC lipstick or so. Nope I am not comparing these to MAC as I’ve never tried a MAC lipstick, but I’ll leave that to you if you have 🙂

Hope You enjoyed my little review , probably not one of the best You have ever seen YET. But I mean  lets not be too judgmental baring in mind I’m a beginner !

Good Night peeps ♥