(from the left : 910 Shocking coral | 902 Fuchsia flash |906 Hot plum )

Well here we are again  after a very productive day. I hope yours was too 🙂 Just a quick post today as I have an early appointment at hospital to attend tomorrow.  Lets get right into it shall we?


  • Amazing variations of colors to choose from.
  • Highly pigmented , therefore no need to apply too much, what makes the product very efficient.
  • Creamy consistency , does not dries out your lips.
  • Lasts for wayyyy over 2hrs  without having to re-apply.

For the record  You wouldn’t see me with a lipstick on too often. YES I do love lipsticks, Only thing that stops me from wearing it is the shape of my lips , which I know can be optically changed using a lip liner however I’m not good enough at it  to constantly wear lipsticks. I’ve worn these babes a few times anyway , and did not use any lip liner. I used Carmex or any lip balm will do, about 5mins before applying the lipstick , just to give my lips that extra moisture and also for it  to act as a base so the product stays in one place. Make sure there’s no dry skins on your lips , give it a good scrub because although they are creamy and moisturizing they’d still bring out dry skin.

Overall I would recommend it to You.In my opinion it is a good option if you’re on a budget and can’t treat yourself with a MAC lipstick or so. Nope I am not comparing these to MAC as I’ve never tried a MAC lipstick, but I’ll leave that to you if you have 🙂

Hope You enjoyed my little review , probably not one of the best You have ever seen YET. But I mean  lets not be too judgmental baring in mind I’m a beginner !

Good Night peeps ♥



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