You open your eyes, what do you see ? Your clean or dirty bedroom? Maybe no bedroom at all? Rain or sun outside the window? Beautifully painted or plain white walls ? Well guess what ?! All of the above doesn’t matter! What matters is how you feel about yourself the moment  you open your eyes every morning. If you feel self-acceptance.If you feel you will make this day another fabulous part of your life.If you going to complete the little goals you set yourself last night. If you love and believe in yourself! I mean why moan about the rain and all the little things that are not even that bad if you just let a bit of optimism through your door. The moral is that we all have a limited time on this beautiful place (which in a way is being ruined anyway) , and I know it sounds harsh but that is the truth , so lets not be cowards and waste life not being happy either because of the small little things that everyone’s unhappy about or even bigger issues we all sometimes have to face.

I dear you to go school/college/work/ wherever and rather than standing in front of a mirror saying how ugly you look today say how pretty you are! How every little part of you is so beautiful and unique! I dear you and I dear myself !!!

Have an amazing day ♥

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