Selling on Shpock.

Do you like carboot sales? Imagine not having to wake up early on a Sunday morning, and having to head out to a (most of the time) rainy, cold fields. Whether you sell or buy, it can be a little bit off-putting to make so much effort. Well as most probably know Shpock is one of the ‘online boot sales’ apps. The reasons why I use it regularly is because it has no service fees and you can choose the payment options. It shows the most local deals near you  so it’s very convenient  if you would like to  collect in person and avoid shipping costs.

Shpock is also very affordable! Almost just as a standard carboot sales, and you can find absolutely anything on here. There’s an option of making offers on each item (bidding) which can save you a bit of money. I have bought a lot of things through this app which I will show in a separate post. Now I would like to show you some of my items which are up for sale and if interested, I’ll put a link to my account at the end 🙂

Made with Square InstaPic

Hydrating Face Mist £5.00

Made with Square InstaPic

Organic Face Cream £6.00

Made with Square InstaPic

Ciaté nail polish £3.00

Made with Square InstaPic

Fake Bake Gradual Tan (Never Used) £6.00

Made with Square InstaPic

Boots £5.00

Made with Square InstaPic

Block heel Boots £9.50

Made with Square InstaPic

Yellow blazer £5.00

For more details and more items visit:

Thank you and have a lovely evening!


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