Hey guys. So I finally got round to posting my little haul. I took the photos two weeks ago, then got a little bit lazy and waited for them to go on my blog itself. NOPE. That is not going to happen…

Before we’ll move on I just want to tell you that YES I am aware  the photo above is a bit of a fail as I have tried to make it look as good as other bloggers do, you know with the white circle around and stuff. It did not work but I had to start  somewhere right? haha and at the end of the day I’ve made my own version of it. We should all do that!


I don’t know about you but I am so in love with the fluffy jumpers lately. Believe it or not they have them in primark for only £6! What a bargain! To my surprise they are not itchy at all and this would be my main problem.However they do stretch out after a few wears.



Cropped fluffy jumper – H&M  £29.99

Leather looking leggings – PRIMARK £6

Gold necklace – PRIMARK £4


Basic vest top – PRIMARK £3   You can never have enough of these!



Wedges – PRIMARK £15

I know it’s such an awful picture but still wanted to share these babes with you.


Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so happy to see people following or commenting on my blog. Means a lot!

Bye! ♥♥♥


Buongiorno !

Long time no see! Today I’m here with a very, very and I mean it, very short haul.

I decided to order something online , and found a website recommended by a lot of bloggers.

I’m not going to go any further into this topic as it’s pretty much irrelevant. Just quickly want to add why I only ordered 2 items. Well simply because I just wanted to check how the service is functioning as well as the quality of their goods etc.




Jumper – £11.74 (one size)


Coat – £26.91 (one size)


Outfits coming soon !

Thank You for the few comments I recently got from you, means a lot!

Martyna ♥